What Is The Symbolism In Battle Royal

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Todd DiLeonardo Susan Lovelace COM1102 Writing About Literature Week Three Essay 11-10-2013 BATTLE ROYAL In the “Battle Royal” by Ellison the naked blonde symbolizes the era and the power that white men had over all minorities whether black or female. The powerful people of the time, Lawyers, Physicians, Judges, etc…, were exercising their dominance over the blonde and the black boys for their entertainment and enjoyment. Though they were there to hear a speech or to give out a scholarship they had to demonstrate their superiority before doing it. In having the boys watch the naked woman it was done as a way to embarrass them and to anger them so when they were blindfolded and made to fight it would make it more interesting and frustrating.…show more content…
Then men that were watching the fight were showing their superiority treating them like sub humans and for the boys wearing the blindfolds it could be seen as a misleading sign of goodwill. The men being there to hear a speech are making them submit to ridiculous hurdles to get the eventual carat which was the scholarship. Another important remark was even though the white men were not really fully giving their attention to the speech of the narrator one was still able to pick up the term of social responsibility. There is a tone of superiority when asked to repeat the term and after correcting his wording is rewarded with the briefcase and scholarship, which in itself is like rewarding a dog for retrieving his bone. The narrator’s dream at the end I believe symbolizes the American Dream as a fallacy. All are not equal and no matter how hard you work he has been taught that there are limitations for people of color and during this time could be considered for anybody that is not a white man. The narrator’s grandfather words play throughout as he is the representation of slavery and the ghosts of the

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