Analysis Of An Argument "Embraced By The Needle"

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Analysis of an Argument: “Embraced By the Needle” In “Embraced by the Needle” Gabor Mate uses a scientific approach to help persuade the reader to agree with his argument, which is that addiction is not bred from the drug itself, but from the feeling of abandonment or neglect. Mate also uses personal anecdotes from people he has met that have issues with drug abuse. The mixture of the scientific statistics, and personal anecdotes validate his argument, and make the reader agree with what he is saying. In “Embraced by the Needle” Mate discusses the ways in which addiction is bred and how it can eventually take over someones life. Gabor states “No drugs, in itself, are addictive.” This means that it is not the drug that causes the addiction, it is why the people are doing the drugs in the first place, and the way it makes them feel. If people grow up in an abusive household and have never experienced a “warm, soft hug”(305), they turn to drugs because it will give them that feeling. Although some may agree with Mate’s argument, the ways in which he gives his evidence and examples lacks all the necessary information needed in order to make a decision on whether you agree or disagree with his argument. In paragraph four Mate uses a scientific example saying, “Only about 8 per cent to 15 per cent of people who try, say alcohol or marijuana, go on to addictive use.” (305) While this statistic may be true, it is difficult to report on how many of those people of that eight to fifteen per cent are using it because they simply have an addictive personality. For Mate to say that all addictive drug use is caused from neglect issues is not accurate because he does not account for the people who do drugs because they want to. In spite of Mate’s lack of information, his use of hard evidence, and personal anecdotes aides in validating his argument. Scientific examples are

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