Analisys Of God'S Grandeur....Gerard Manley Hopkins Essay

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God’s grandeur, the poem written by English catholic poet Gerard Manley Hopkins is considered as condemnation of industrial society. Gerard Manley Hopkins was a religious man and through this poem he has tried to maintain how industrial life has separated mankind from his god, nature and spiritual aspects of life. This essay is going to argue how the poet has made this point and condemned the non spiritual materialistic industrial life. Hopkins believes god’s glamour is everywhere (line 1) and to grasp this beauty, mankind should put efforts, for it is hidden inside any subject just as the useful oil inside the fruit which oozes after being crushed(lines 3 and 4).In line four poet claims mankind does not recognise god’s rod of power and greatness, he also believes human takes advantage and occupies all these gifts of god for his own interest, pointed in sixth line as “And all is seared with trade...” , maintaining the idea that in this industrialized life people have forgotten god’s position and have become apart from spiritual aspects of life whilst they are using his creations to make benefits. Poet objects industrialized life through lines five to eight. He believes mankind has trod this world for several generations and through this long period of living on earth, he has shared the status of creating with god by manipulating and changing his creations not even remembering him, the sole creator. He makes this point through line six as he writes, everything, which used to resemble god’s glamour, is seared (connotes that only their outer layer is changed) and made bleared (it is presented in a materialistic way that an individual does not feel impression of god’s spiritual grandeur in it since it is made bleared), by mankind. Furthermore in line seven he labours this point as he writes everything is sharing man’s smell and is wearing man’s

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