An Individual Written Piece Identifying and Critiquing a Critical Incident from Beginning Placement Using Tripp’s Model of Critical Incident Analysis

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Tripp (2011) proposes that reflection is a vital process of professional development. He highlights the need for practitioners to challenge their ideas and beliefs in order to change trends. Within this piece of writing, a critical incident from my beginning placement will be identified and critiqued using Tripp’s model of critical incident analyse. Tripp (1993) recommends that the process involved to analyse an incident is of great importance to influence a person’s understanding. Tripp (1993) also states that critical incidents are ‘not all dramatic or obvious- they are mostly straight forward accounts of very commonplace events’ (Tripp 1993:25). Tripp’s (1993) method involves several different levels of thought process to create a critical incident. This should include a description of the incident, suggestions to why this happened, the incident putting into context, a proposal of a general meaning, then giving one’s own perspective on the incident. Moving onto analysing the incident based on Tripp’s thinking strategies. Elliott (2004) supports Tripp and describes a critical incident as a positive or negative experience when a person pauses to consider an event and tries to come up with a reason for it happening. Using a critical incident as a way of reflecting involves the identification of specific behaviours which appear to be helpful or unhelpful in any given situation (Hannigan, 2001). Francis (1995) suggests that trainee teachers find it easier to remember and discuss negative incidents more quickly and impulsively than positive ones. From experience one would agree with Francis as the incidents being discussed would be classed as negative incidents rather than positive ones. The incident being described came from a pupils comment when he was asked to work independently. His response was unenthusiastic “I can’t work on my own; I need someone to sit
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