An Analytical Comparison Regarding Structure Between Waiting for Godot & Black Box

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Jan Christoper Jarin Professor Carruth/Professor López English 10C 5 June 2014 Interiority & Stichomythia-Like Text Taking a form that appears to resemble the dramatic device of stichomythia, “Black Box” and Waiting for Godot parallel each other in their spaced, one line structure to portray a sense of interiority and any emotional distress within in a concentrated form that the protagonists in both works exhibit, by either underscoring it from a second person narrative that understates it or by dramatizes it. This one line structure emphasizes any sense of conflict, intensity, and the emotional unease and anxiety in the characters. And at the same time, certain sections of the single line structure of each work are meant to act as a sort of soothing palliative that reassure the characters of their source of difficulty. In Waiting for Godot, the characters converse amongst themselves to ease the burden and absurdity of life-words are their means by which they may attain a more intimate sense of camaraderie; and on an unconscious level, Godot acts as an object to channel the protagonists’ negativity and worry that life (as a subject matter) causes. Similarly, in “Black Box”, the narrator, who is an undercover civilian, is reassured by some sort of dispatching AI or training that objectively coaxes her, repeating military training mixed with personal information that act as a form of comfort and guidance. But again, the single line structure adds to paints the apprehension and distress that the characters endure in both works. And this enables the authors to ask contemporary thematic questions by highlighting the misery and hardship of their protagonists. It is important to note however that this one line style in “Black Box” also functions to keep the plot focused and engaging, amplifying a feeling of intensity that interests the reader. With its

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