Year Of Wonders Anna Fith Character Analysis

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Geraldine Brooks' Year of Wonders vividly recounts the effects of the plague on the small English town of Eyam in 1666. Brooks' novel explores the attitude and reactions of both the female and male characters in response to the disease. Brooks generally encourages readers to empathise with the female characters, whilst evoking feelings of disdain towards the masculine community. She achieves this through the deliberate use of the first person narration through the perspective of the main female protagonist, Anna Frith. Furthermore, Anna's narration forces readers to recognise the achievements of the female characters whilst highlighting the barbaric nature of the men. However, whilst to a degree Brooks portrays the male characters as brutal, she offers an insight and understanding in to their psychology. The narration by Anna Frith achieves feelings of empathy for the central protagonist and to a lesser extent readers are encouraged to empathise…show more content…
However, whilst this is the case, the majority of the female characters are depicted in such a way as to evoke feelings of empathy and sympathy from the reader, whilst for the most part the depravity of the male's are shown. Brooks effectively uses the first person narration to encourage readers' engagement in the novel and development of the main protagonist, Anna Firth. Furthermore, Brooks successfully highlights the courageous and selfless nature of the female characters through Anys Gowdie's intelligence and the inate determination and strength of Anna and Elinor. Lastly, the direct juxtaposition of female and male characters such as the Bradford's and the Bont's throughout the novel to serve to reiterate the understanding and empathy that we feel for the females whilst simultaneously illustrating the depravity of the
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