Analysis Of The Things They Carried

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What Weighs More? (Critical Analysis of “The Things They Carried, Paper 1) Tim O’Brien’s novel,” The Things They Carried”, deals with both the physical and emotional burdens carried by soldiers of war during times of conflict. The various physical burdens fall on a balance beam between necessity, and comfort. Dire situations only develop when the comfort of one soldier outweighs the necessity of the group. It could be argued that, it is better to be liked than to lead, which insures the conflict may be won with a minimal amount of bloodshed. Furthermore, it is always beneficial to understand the various forms of anguish our soldiers are put through. This knowledge furthers our respect for their sacrifices. Yet, a soldier must stay focused on what must be done, and leave thoughts of the outside world behind. As such, the hard lesson can be examined through the actions, immaturity, character, and various trinkets being carried by the officer and his subordinates. Some veterans might argue that love and faith may deliver the hope that gives them the strength to return home. Beyond that, there is a strong unsaid connection between the First Lieutenant and Jesus Christ that appears throughout the novel. However, the price of such a short-term pleasure could result in the long-term baggage of another man’s blood on your hands. As said by Owen Felltham, “Negligence is the rust of the soul, that corrodes through all her best resolve.” Foremost, Jimmy Cross shares several links to Jesus Christ. In times of great stress a single person takes the brunt of the guilt or punishment for the good of the people, which is exemplified in both “The Things They Carried”, and in the bible. As Ted Lavender dies, Cross voluntarily takes responsibility for the death so that his men will not have to share in his burden. Jimmy Cross also assumes a great personal sacrifice by burning
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