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Compare and Contrast “Looking back now I finally realize all the times you took advantage of my love for you. All the times you exploited me for your own selfish needs. All the times you led me on to get what you wanted. All the times you walked all over my emotions to get ahead. All the times you played me for a love fool. All the times you faked your feelings to keep me full of false hope. I finally realize you are a heartless deceiver. I finally realize how you used me like a toy. I finally realize you used my heart as a remote control to achieve your needs. Well no more, this toy is giving his remote control to someone who will love him for real.” -Jose Alberto Amores Perros is a Mexican film directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu in 2000. It is an anthology film containing three distinct stories which are connected by a car accident in Mexico City. Each of the three tales is also a reflection on the cruelty of humans toward animals and each other, showing how they may live dark or even hideous lives. Citizen Kane is a 1941 American dramatic film, and the first feature film directed by Orson Welles. The film follows the life and career of Charles Foster Kane, a man whose career in the publishing world is born of idealistic social service, but gradually evolves into a ruthless pursuit of power. Movie was narrated principally through flashbacks, the story is revealed through the research of a newspaper reporter Mr. Thompson seeking to solve the mystery of the newspaper magnate's dying word, "Rosebud". Both films, Amores Perros and Citizen Kane are narrated through flashbacks which show at the beginning and at the end. Each character in each Amores Perros had a relationship with there dog. In the opening of Amores Perros the movie begins with and revolves around the car crash which is the common event in all three stories. Octavio runs a light

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