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News Paper Analysis July 22nd 1934 marked a very important day in history for America. One of the most dangerous men, John Dillinger, was shot and killed. During the 1930’s depression, America was going through a crucial time where finding money was a very dangerous thing to do. Helpless people made heroes out of criminals who took what they wanted at gunpoint and that’s exactly what John Dillinger and his gang did. Dillinger and his gang robbed over 24 banks and all together killed a total of 10 people. Dillinger had also escaped from jail 3 times, injuring guards and killing one sheriff at his attempt to flee (“John”). Over time, Dillinger became America’s number one public enemy. After a long year of trying to arrest the…show more content…
The New York Times and The Chicago Daily Tribune used the same exact wording in most of the story but produced a different presentation of the information. For example, they both had the same sentence, “John Dillinger, America’s public enemy No. 1 and the most notorious criminal of recent times, was shot and killed 10:40 o’clock last night by federal agents….” (“Kill Dillinger Here”). Both recognizing Dillinger as the “most notorious criminal” creates an emotional tone of satisfaction for the rest of the paper. They both referenced all the same witnesses and environmental factors such as George Gordon and the “woman in the red”(“Kill Dillinger Here”). As for the rest of the reporting, The Chicago Daily Tribune portrayed an emotional outlook on how all the facts were expressed. Throughout the whole newspaper itself, it used and emotional tactic to fully describe each and every event. It would use words such as gay, stolen sweetheart, zealous, lifelong friend, devoted, and love to describe the other important surroundings of the case. These emotionally loaded words defined the outside sources in a meaningful way to illustrate reactions of the people around the event. Unlike the other newspapers, The Chicago Daily Tribune went into great depths describing every aspect and dialog of the story. It was the only newspaper to report the step-by-step…show more content…
The Los Angeles Times used previous stories to depict the most “dangerous man of the decade” (“Dillinger’s Trail Long”). It used all the previous evidence to prove why Dillinger was known as a criminal. The objective for this paper was to develop a creation of stories in history and turn it into one; almost something like a flashback. It referenced all these causes to prove a point on exactly why he died or even why he had to be captured. The Los Angeles Times had a very descriptive and informative outlook on each event that happened throughout the three consecutive days. For example when it described how the bullet penetrated him, the paper went into great detail. “Struck in the back of the neck, smashing a vertebrae, tore through the spinal cord, the lower part of the brain severed…” (“Underworld Betrayed Dillinger”). The Los Angeles Times utilized much detail to define their main purpose by creating an image for the reader to remember. Unlike the other two newspapers, The Los Angeles Times was the only one that obtained this much information on the bullet that struck him in the neck. Also apart from the other two, it included detailed information about how the Christian burial of John Dillinger would be held in his hometown, Indianapolis. It included how Dillinger’s family

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