American Heroes: Susan B Anthony Line Of Her Life

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Power Of Starvation Imagine going to bed without any food in your stomach. Then waking up and having to eat 1\12 of a small loft of bread. 30% of the population in Afghanistan deal with this situation almost every single day. Since there is not enough food to eat there are people dying of starvation, and trying to fill their stomach with anything they can find. Hunger in Afghanistan leads to the death of a lot of people each day. About 850 children living in Afghanistan die each day. One out of five children living in Afghanistan die before the age of five. Over 300,000 children die each year. About 600,000 children are addicted to drugs. Some of these children who are on drugs started using drugs because they wanted something to get them…show more content…
“Susan B Anthony” [online] Available M, Rebecha. “American Heroes: Susan B Anthony- Time Line Of Her Life” [online] Available “Susan Brownell Anthony”[online] Available “Susan B Anthony Quotes”[online] Available “Independence is happiness.” | | | Susan B Anthony was born February 15, 1820 near Adams Massachusetts. Susan B Anthony Died On March 13, 1906 Susan B Anthony attended Deborah Moulson's female seminary, which was a Quaker boarding school in 1837. In 1839, Susan B Anthony moved to Hardscabble with her family. In the 1850's Susan B Anthony meet Elizabeth Cady Stanton Susan B Anthony attended her first ever Women Right convention in 1852 in NY. Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth started to print out News papers for women rights in 1868 Susan B Anthony and her sisters from the suffrage group voted in the presidential election and they were fined with $100. In !848 Susan B. Anthony Joined the Temperance

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