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Rishi Patel Period 3 American Classics H Gatsby’s Dream In Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby’s dream explores the reality of the American Dream. Normally, one would perceive the American Dream as a goal that one eventually reaches; however, Fitzgerald uses Gatsby’s dream to identify a different perspective. Throughout the novel, Gatsby expressed failure while his dream paralleled: Gatsby’s dream additionally suffered. Fitzgerald uses Gatsby’s dream to reveal the realism of the corrupt and impractical American Dream. James Gattz starts out as a non-profitable man before he encounters Daisy Buchannan, who would play an important role in this novel. Gatsby creates a dream of his own to become just as wealthy and respectable as Daisy was, and to win her love. Gattz would be given the name Jay Gatsby; which symbolizes a more casual and authentic person with respectable class.…show more content…
The fact that Gatsby was incapable to keep grasp of Daisy five years in the past would only foreshadow the quick relationship he would acquire towards the end of the novel. The dream of reaching Daisy demonstrates another dead end to fulfilling the American Dream. After being deployed into the army, Gatsby lost Daisy to Tom Buchannan which would have originally been the end of his dream. In the attempt to replay the past and win her back, Daisy “vanished into her rich house, into her rich, full of life, leaving Gatsby – Nothing” (156-157). As Daisy chooses to leave Gatsby, his dream would follow Daisy leaving him with nothing. The word “nothing” shows exactly what the American Dream represents in this novel, the bareness of the American Dream. Even Daisy knows that she “tumbled short of his dreams” (101). Gatsby’s dream would never be reached, Gatsby would always fall short of everything he desires concluding that the American Dream is

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