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The Corruption of the American Dream Around the 19th century, immigrants came to the United States in any way possible to attain the higher form of living, called the “American Dream.” For those who achieved this “dream,” money and social status became a desire. The thoughts of many individuals became twisted into materialistic views. As F. Scott Fitzgerald stated, “A dream is incorruptible as long as it remains intangible, non-material. But once that dream is put in terms of material possessions, it becomes corrupted.” The novel, The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald is about a young man named Nick who lives in the “new-money,” West Egg. His neighbor, a man of great wealth, named Jay…show more content…
One might say it is evident Gatsby has attained the American Dream by looking at his possessions, such as boats, cars, a big house, and lavishing riches. But, others might argue Gatsby only possesses the materialistic dream. Fitzgerald makes an allusion to Benjamin Franklin’s work and presents his schedule (Fitzgerald, 173). The schedule which Franklin created was his goal to save time, meet his expectations, and try to achieve perfection. But, he knew achieving perfection was impossible, yet he believed trying to achieve moral perfection is what the true American Dream is all about. Gatsby says, “…I carry a little business on the side…you might pick up a nice bit of money. It happens to be a rather confidential sort of thing.” (Fitzgerald, 83) This passage indicates how Gatsby does not earn his money the proper way. His “side-business” refers to his unknown occupation of bootlegging. The reason for Gatsby to participate in this business was to earn a nice amount of cash quickly to purchase glamorous riches, which was all done to attract the attention of Daisy. But, by Gatsby performing this act, he is cheating and consequently forfeiting his moral values to obtain a great amount of wealth. Fitzgerald’s intent of including this passage was to strengthen his message of how an American…show more content…
Scott Fitzgerald’s, The Great Gatsby, helps reinforce his message of how an American Dream can be corrupted if the society built on it is corrupted by materialistic views. Fitzgerald thoroughly provides insight on his message through the use of universal symbolism and effective imagery. With the use of symbols such as the green light and automobiles, Fitzgerald was able to build his perspective on the American Dream and how it can be achievable only if it is limited to the extent of attempting to achieve moral perfection. Daisy is illustrated to act as a social status symbol for Tom and this helped emphasize Fitzgerald’s message of the how corrupt money and materialism can make the American Dream. These implications outlined by Fitzgerald suggest the truth behind what individuals believe and how pursing the American Dream only for wonder is overseen with

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