The Great Gatsby Song Analysis

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The Great Gatsby Song List Chapter 1-"What's This"- Theme song form A Nightmare Before Christmas. This song represents this chapter as the reader is just being introduced to the story, Giving the feeling of not know what is going on. Chapter 2- "Feel Good Drag" - Amberlin, This song shows affair between Mrs. Wilson and Tom. It talks about how he loves her, but giving the entire situation a sin of the devil. Chapter 3- "Shots"- LMFAO ft Lil' Jon. This chapter is about Gatsby and his elaborate party. The song show how everyone attends Gatsby's party to drink and get intimate with people. Chapter 4- "Somebody Told Me" - The Killers. In this chapter Gatsby tries to rid all the rumors that are told about him. Gatsby knows of the rumors and attempts to lie to Nick portraying the 'Ideal lost rich soul' Chapter…show more content…
This song relates very well to the story. A key like "The situations, are irrelevant now" shows that all the events that took place before Daisy and Gatsby meet once again became unimportant. Including Daisy's marriage to Tom. Chapter 7- "Out Of Time"- A Day To Remember. As this chapter goes on, Gatsby realizes that he and Daisy will never be together. Gatsby tried to give Daisy everything he thought she wanted in when reality, it was what he wanted. This song shows how Gatsby tired but ended up ruining his life instead. Chapter 8- "Heartless"- Kanye West. As the story begins to end, Daisy gives up all hope and thoughts of Gatsby, She puts him aside forever. At the same time, Gatsby still believes that things will change, But as Tom steps in, It leads to Gatsby's demise. The song shows how the love in the story is truly "Heartless" Chapter 9- "(Per) Version Of The Truth"- Mudvayne. Truth and Lies. This song talks about all the lies and little truth spoken in the story. As Gatsby's body is laid to rest Nick gets fed up with all the rich and moves back home. Mudvayne shows the corruptness in this
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