American Culture In Guatemala

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Comparing Cultures: Option A. In my life I have been involved in two different cultures. I was born in California, but my mom is from Guatemala. When I was 2 years old, went to live with my grandma in Guatemala , I was there for 8 years and I had the chance to experience the culture over there, well at least at the town I was living in. And the other culture I’ve been involved in is the here, the American culture, they are two very different cultures is almost every level. One of the things that I saw in Guatemala’s culture that is different from here is; that over there, people are way more social with each other. If a person is walking on the street and they pass next to another one, they greet each other, even if they don’t know each other. When I got back here, to the US from Guatemala, it seemed wierd that you pass next to a person but they don’t acknowledge you. Or if when you say greet someone you know, here in America you say "hi" and maybe a hug. In Guatemala they are more physical towards greeting, they kiss each other on the cheek and it don’t seem like it’s too much. Another way American’s culture is different from Guatemalan’s culture is, the working system. Here…show more content…
Here in American’s culture, is just teacher and student, nothing more. If a teacher ever or student ever gets involve with each other, legal problems can start. But in Guatemala is normal for a teacher to date a student, and nothing happens, no one’s gets sued or goes to jail. When I went to Guatemala two years ago, I went to a high school there; it’s called "instituto". once we were in the instituto, I asked my uncle who is a teacher there, about this one girl who I thought was way pretty; he told me that she had a boyfriend, so I told him that who was it, my uncle replay saying "is that teacher while pointing at some old guy", I was like "wow" but it was
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