American Colonies Chap 8 And 9

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American Colonies Chapters 8 and 9 1. Discuss what you find to be the most important point of chapters 8 and 9 of American Colonies. Due to my particular upbringing, I found chapters 8 and 9 filled with fascinating revelations regarding Puritan history. No, I am not a Puritan, but have religious roots ranging from Catholicism to Calvinism and the reformed church’s resurgence after 9/11. For better and/or for worse the church has had an integral part in the shaping of world and American history. I heard a quote recently from a respected Christian figure; “the greatest cause of Atheism today, are Christians…” Christianity has been used throughout history to justify a plethora of abuses against people and society; both violent and peaceful. King Charles I in 1626 noted, “People are governed by the pulpit more than the sword in time of peace.” England’s monarchs had a habit of doing just that. The people were kept in line with the crown through the Clergy, which was essentially the monarch’s sword. (p. 160) The Puritans were well aware of the abuses of the Church of England and wished to “purify” it. Of the Puritans there were two basic mindsets: reform can come from within and we must separate, as the Church is too corrupt to be fixed. The Separatists of course came to America. What they created in America is of significant importance. First and foremost in my mind was the concept of equality. Though very different from today, women in the New England Commonwealth’s had far more rights and privileges than 17th century England, or even Virginia for that matter. Men and women were relegated to general roles according to their gender such as men taking on the heaviest work in the fields, construction, livestock, harvesting, and cultivating. Women would maintain the home and its garden, care for children (often numerous), preserve and prepare

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