America the Empire: Committed to the Greater Good

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Name Mrs. Who English 101 20 October 2013 America the Empire: Committed to the Greater Good Dinesh D’Souza begins his essay by revealing to us that America has become an empire. No other nation has ever enjoyed such economic, political, cultural, and military superiority (D’Souza 286). Critics of the United Sates argue that America is not any different than other huge empires that have taken lands for themselves and occupied them. The author attempts to make his case that America is much different. He asserts that this country is maligned, and is frequently held as a villain by the world. America definitely has critics from without, as well as within. They state that this empire doesn’t do anything unless it is to its benefit. Claims are made that it only pursues naked self -interest (D’Souza 286). Opponents say that the Americans only purpose for entering the gulf war was to protect its access to gulf oil. They accuse the country of not standing by the democratic ideals that it says it adheres to. Critics bring up the fact that the United States government supports dictators in smaller countries to further its objectives. D’Souza argues that American domination is much different than previous empires in that we do not sustain this with force. He asserts that Americas influence is the source of its power. People from around the world desire our products, inventions, technology, our freedom, and our way of life. He states that critics would argue with his concept, but at least they seek our culture and ways voluntarily (D’Souza 287). The author argues the principle of the lesser evil. He states that the United States of America is an empire that has a philosophy that occasionally there must be slight compromise to further the greater cause. This means that one is justified in his alliance with a villain in order to oppose one that is much worse. The main
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