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Case Recommendation Altoona State Investment Board: December 2008 By Yuwen Chen Question Asked in the Case: Altoona State Investment Board (ASIB) is a limited partner (LP) in Permira’s fund Permira IV. In the third quarter of 2008, ASIB suffered from a substantial loss from the public equity and hedge fund positions and faced to a potential loss on its private equity investments. In December 2008, Permira offered ASIB a chance to reduce its commitment, 100 million Euro, to Permira IV. However, this offer would allow state pension to address its “over-commitment problem”, which appeared to be quite punitive to those investors who accepted the term. As a consequence, the over commitment problem would eventually increase default risks of LPs. Factors Need To Be Considered: If ASIB accept the offer, it would save 8 percent of the capital investment, which could be reinvested to achieve a higher return. Moreover, as a LP, ASIB could decrease the default risk on Permira IV. If ASIB refuse the offer, the board had to loss 1.35 percent of the entire initial capital investment to pay for a so-called “management fee”. Plus, ASIB would only receive 75 percent of the distributions, and the other LPs would get the rest of the 25 percent for the forfeited distributions. In addition, private equity is an alternative. We should get a sense of the private equity valuation. For pension funds like ASIB, this choice also match its liquidity preference. My Recommendation: I recommend ASIB accept the offer for the following reasons: The financial market of 2008 is not optimistic. According to the background introduction in this case, the year 2008 witnessed a replay of earlier busts, availability of debt for transactions fell sharply from $340 billion in the second quarter of 2007 to only $8 billion in the fourth quarter through early December 2008. And the investors

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