Acct 504 Week 4 Mini Case

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1. As a result of the changes the new president has implemented, it appears as though net income is now positive rather than negative which looks good from an investors standpoint. However, what’s really important for us to look at is the arrival of this endpoint rather than the endpoint itself. His decision to increase production from 17,000,000 units to 30,000,000 was quite a bold one considering sales and production were exactly even at the time of hire. What would happen if B.E. wasn’t able to sell all of the 30,000,000 units? They would get stockpiled into ending inventory and allocated expense which would increase costs of goods sold and therefore net income. Since the presidents bonus is based off of net income and the amount he can…show more content…
If the sales outlook for the coming three years was only 20,000,000 and B.E. continued producing at the rate of 30,000,000 units, a total of 10,000,000 units would be dumped into ending inventory at the end of each year once again reducing costs of goods sold and falsely increasing income. By the end of year 2013, B.E. Company would have 35,000,000 units sitting in ending inventory taking up space and costing money to store. Once again if the president’s bonus is based off of net income, this situation is the most favorable for a high paying bonus and encourages stockpiling inventory to inflate net income. b. If the sales outlook for the coming three years were to increase to 30,000,000, the newly implemented system would prove valuable to B.E. Company. If production is kept the same, the company is predicted to sell every unit produced which would avoid a stockpile of inventory and also safeguarding an extra 5,000,000 units in ending inventory in case sales go above 30,000,000. In the end, B.E. Company’s net income would increase by a substantial amount due to an increase in sales rather than an increase in ending…show more content…
If sales outlook for the coming three years increases to 40,000,000, the recent increase in production will actually help B.E. company in transitioning to maximum production capacity. In this case, there are two options for the company; produce 35,000,000 in 2011 and use the 5,000,000 units in ending inventory to satisfy the total sales outlook then increasing production to the maximum of 40,000,000 units in the next two years or increase production to 40,000,000 units in the next three years and keep the extra 5,000,000 sitting in ending inventory. With either option, B.E. Company’s net income will increase tremendously due to a substantial increase in sales and very little inventory left in ending

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