Altech Netstar Introduces the New Sleuth Plus

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The Marketing Plan introduces the new Sleuth Plus product Introduction The Marketing Plan introduces the new Sleuth Plus product that will be offered by Altech Netstar. This product is scheduled to be launched at the beginning of September 2012 and will compete in the lowcost segment of the Stolen Vehicle Recovery market serviced by the vehicle tracking industry. It is projected that the sales volume of this product will be 500 per month for the first year of sales. It must be noted that this plan covers the first year of sales of the new product. Please note that the products and situation described in this document reflect an actual situation and product that is to be launched by Altech Netstar. This document presents the current situation of the potential market as a whole and describes the competitors to the Sleuth Plus product and analyses the potential impact of the Sleuth Plus product on the current sales volumes in this market. This analysis includes the market description, situational analysis, product analysis and distribution methodology of Altech Netstar. A Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis is performed on Altech Netstar and finds that although Altech Netstar is the biggest and most competitive player in this particular market segment, there is room for improvement that could further their position. This is followed by an analysis of the objectives and possible issues that the launch of the Sleuth Plus product entails for Altech Netstar. The marketing strategy of the Sleuth Plus product is then presented, which shows how Altech Netstar intends to position the product; the product, pricing and distribution strategies that will be applied and various other marketing factors that are to be taken into account. Finally, the action plan from day of launch is presented alongside a predicted budget for the product and a description

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