Alice Paul's Role Model

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Alice Paul was a woman of strong personal accountability. As a Quaker, Alice was taught it was necessary to work to better society. It was not an option for her to sit on the sidelines and let others fix problems in society. Alice was also brought up in a world in which gender inequality did not exist. This is why is was so important to Alice to be an active part in securing equal rights for all women. Alice Paul epitomizes the lessons in the QBQ book by taking personal ownership, being a role model, showing great leadership skills, and refusing to allow herself to be victimized. Alice takes personal responsibility to fight for women's equal rights. She takes ownership of the problem, something not many people want to admit they must do. Instead of passing the problem on to the next generation of women, she chooses to help lead the fight. Alice was a role model for men and women alike. She believed she didn't need to be a politician or an important person to make a difference, she would be heard simply because she was doing the right thing. Role models are not celebrities or famous people. They are people you look up to, like teachers or parents. Alice believed it was her responsibility to be a role model, because she knew someone would inevitably be watching her. Alice showed her leadership skills mainly by…show more content…
She battled for women's rights and made it her personal responsibility to ensure someday women would be treated as equals. Alice should be looked at as not only a feminist, suffragist and political strategist, but as an incredibly important personal role model with great personal accountability. When asked why she dedicated her entire life to women's equal rights she replied, "When you put your hand to the plow, you can't put it down until you get to the end of the row", which truly embodies the essence of her infallible personal
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