Reflective Essay: The Most Significant Constitutional Amendment In The United States

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Elisa Chacon Political Science 2/22/2013 Constitutional Amendment In my opinion, the most significant constitution amendment is the 19th, women’s right to vote. Back in the day women didn’t have the rights to be heard. All they were able to do was be a house wife, cook, clean, and take care of their kids. I believe this amendment relates to me because I am a woman with my own voice and decisions. If it was the way it was back then, I wouldn’t be able to vote, to be heard, and to make my own choices. I also wouldn’t be able to have a good education and I believe having a good education is most important thing in life, because education is one thing no one can take away from one’s self. If it wasn’t for the 19th amendment, I wouldn’t…show more content…
Even slaves had the right to vote before women even could. Women were arrested just for voting, for speaking up for what they wanted to be heard. Rosa Parks was a great inspiration to most women because she stood up to what she believed in and for what was right. She believed that women should be treated equal and people had no choice but to listen to what she had to say. Susan B. Anthony was another great inspiration to the women society. She was an American Civil Rights leader who came up with what is now called the 19th amendment. Susan stated, “There was no difference between the minds of men and women.” She wanted to open doors to not only women but to people who were enslaved. Susan B. Anthony also made employers hire women, showing that women could work just as well as men could. She proved that women deserved the same amount of pay that men were making. Equality was a major thing back in the day because equality meant that everyone was equal regardless of race, sex, and age. Women didn’t have any say; they felt used and felt like another body to the world, until Susan B. Anthony stepped up for what she believed in. After years and years of protesting and speaking in front of audiences, Susan thought the republicans would have given their support for

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