The Modern City and The Municipal Franchise For Women

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Primary Source Document: The Modern City and The Municipal Franchise For Women Jane Addams was a pioneering reformer who dedicated her life to many important things. She was born in September 6, 1860. She best knows as 1931 Nobel Peace Prize winner and founder of Hull-House. Within a few years Addams had extended her goals to include legislative protection for women and children, supporter of women's suffrage, a juvenile court system, labor laws and education. She also became internationally famous as an advocate for peace and was a founder of the Women's Peace Party and the International League for Peace and Freedom. She fought for the passage of legislation to improve the worker’s Lot. She collected money, wrote articles, and made speeches in an effort to educate the public on the plight of the working man and woman. She was an adamant believer in the freedom of speech and welcomed all kinds of people into Hull House to speak and present their point of view, even if it was unpopular The solution she thought it would be was to have an argument about the situation. There was no other way but to have an argument. She did the best as she could and made it through. Even though she was the strategist, she often let others fight the battles. Her strength was in her ability to plan and see both sides of a situation. This was one of the aspects of her personality that made her successful. I agree with Jane’s argument because she fought for their rights and have equal rights. I think it’s the right thing hat she fought because it shows what kind of person she is but most important she won the argument that women were struggling at the certain time. She believed in herself that she can improve the social conditions and the good life time of the

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