After the Titanic Commentary

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After the Titanic, written by Derek Mahon, is a poem which describes a man who is the speaker of the poem, thinking and looking back into his past and thinking about how he was a coward who had survived the Titanic sinking. There are quite a few ideas/themes that this poem is about, some of them are, sinking boats, ships, nature, memories, and sadness. Throughout the poem, Derek Mahon makes effective use of figurative language to convey to the reader the experience of the speaker. A metaphor found in the poem, is ʻI drown again …ʼ, This expression is not based on death by drowning but it is a metaphor because the poet compares his emotions of panic and guilt to water entering his lungs. It is exaggerated expression to emphasize a point, which is also a hyperbole. One other metaphor found in the poem, is that “I turned to ice to hear my costly, Life go thundering down in a pandemonium…ʼ. ʻIceʼ is a metaphor for a cold feeling, which is caused by financial loss. ʻIceʼ is also a pun because the sinking was actually caused by an iceberg. Where as ʻThunderingʼ is a metaphor for noisy sinking. Another metaphor is ʻPandemoniumʼ and it means chaos and hell. In this poem, 2 symbols are used, broken toys and hat boxes. Broken toys symbolizes children and hat boxes symbolizes women, as they were supposedly the first to leave on the boat, but the speaker in the poem took their place and now feels sympathetic for taking their places. Throughout the poem, it is written in a first person point of view, which allows the reader to engage into the speakers mind and emotions, which also makes the reader feel sympathy for the speaker in this case. It may also be biased as it is told from a persons point of view. The tenses in the poem, is shifting from past to present, and occasionally with some future tense. This is used to relate to memory in the speakers point of view. This poem
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