Comparing "The Manhunt" and "Quickdraw"

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Comparing ‘The Manhunt’ and ‘Quickdraw’ The themes of the poems ‘The Manhunt’ and Quickdraw’ are about love and heartbreak. Both ‘Quickdraw’ and ‘The Manhunt’ explore themes of relationships and mostly rejection. In both poems, emotive metaphorical language is used however there are some differences for example in ‘The Manhunt’ the form is more like a list as compared to ‘Quickdraw’ which is more like a story/narrative. Also ‘Quickdraw’ conveys damage and she wants to cause the man pain compared to ‘The Manhunt’ which conveys damage that is already done. However, ‘The Manhunt’ focuses more on explaining the damage caused to the veteran. This is different compared to ‘Quickdraw’. In ‘The Manhunt’ the semantic field is war and the poets have connected ideas of pain and a war atmosphere through the use of their words and emotive language. The images that this creates for the reader is that the woman is at home with the injured man and she is examining his injuries from the war, this was the only time he had actually allowed her to look at his scars and for the reader this could be a very emotional moment however for the man, he isn’t using his emotions it is almost as if he is lost and the woman is trying to find him whilst examining his injuries. As opposed to ‘Quickdraw’, the semantic field is Wild West and the poet has connected ideas of what a phone and a gun compare to and just how dangerous they could be and how dangerous they were for the woman in the poem, Duffy has conveyed this through her emotive metaphorical language. The images in ‘Quickdraw’ create an atmosphere of anxiousness for the reader and also anticipation for what he is going to send her next through the phone. This makes the reader think of a standoff because usually a standoff is with two people so in this example a man and a woman and the woman is holding two phones or in the poem they are
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