Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Summary

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Huck Finn introduces himself as the narrator at the outset of the story. He starts off at the Widow’s in Missouri, where he’s "getting’ sivilized" by her and her sister Miss Watson, who try to teach him manners and religion and also send him to school. But Huck spends time with his imaginative friend Tom Sawyer playing pranks on people like Jim, Miss Watson’s slave. Curiously, the boys generally ignore the fact that each of them still has $6,000 that they found in a cave (in Mark Twain’s previous novel, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer). When Huck gets a bad feeling (in the superstitious sense), he signs all his money over to Judge Thatcher. Shortly after, his drunk and abusive father shows up back in town. Until now, everyone thought Huck’s dad was dead, but that is sadly not the case. Anyway, he demands money from Huck, who’s all, "Oh, man, too bad you didn’t get here yesterday." Enraged and abusive, Dad threatens Huck for a bit and finally kidnaps him so they can both live in filthy poverty by the river. Huck shortly gets fed up, fakes his own death, and leaves to go hide out on the nearby Jackson’s Island. There, he runs into Jim, Miss Watson’s slave, who has gone on there to avoid being sold South (and therefore separated from his family). Jim is now a suspect in Huck’s murder, which isn’t so great. They decide to run away together to the mouth of the Ohio river, where Jim can escape to the free states and earn some money with which to come back and buy his family. Before they leave Jackson’s Island, they find a dead man – but Jim won’t let Huck look at the guy’s face on account of it being "too gashly." Meanwhile, Huck does some reconnaissance work in a nearby town by pretending (poorly) to be a girl. Realizing they will soon be caught, the two take off as quickly as they can, heading south on the river for Cairo, the town where the Mississippi meets the

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