Adolescent And Drug Abuse Essay

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Facing Adolescents with Drug Abuse Abstract It is difficult to draw the line between teens who are simply experimenting with alcohol and drugs and teens who have developed an alcohol and drug problem. Often, only a trained substance abuse professional can make this judgment. Teens that begin using drugs early relying on drugs and alcohol to alleviate their feelings of anxiety or depression, are at a higher risk than other teens for developing a substance abuse problem. Being a teenager is often a confusing, and challenging time, which can make them vulnerable to falling into a destructive pattern of drug abuse. For the most, adolescence of this time probably see their drug use as a casual way to have fun, unaware of their negative effects. Even if the current adolescent drug user does not lead to adult drug abuse, the negative affect usually takes a dramatic toll on performance, interest in studies and or relationships with family and/friends. The sooner we can recognize teens abusing alcohol or other drugs, the sooner we can help adolescent drug abuse. Facing adolescents with drug abuse, for many teens drugs are a way for them to relax and fit in, a casual way to have fun. Many teens are susceptible to drug abuse due to the fact that adolescence is a tough time in our lives. It is a time where our bodies and physical undergo a series of hormonal changes not only physically, but mentally as well. It is a time of stress, confusion, mixed emotions, and several other difficulties adapting into a world of advancements. As the invincible mentality of adolescents persist, drugs posing no threat, adolescents tend to experiment with drugs and alcohol not knowing the further dangers at a later point and time. Mean while the ones who pay the price are usually loved ones family and friends. A drug is a substance that alters the mind, body or both.
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