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Administration and Politics Dichotomy Essay

  • Submitted by: marktt
  • on April 2, 2014
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Administration and Politics Dichotomy
    When developing Public Administration, Wilson’s basic difficulty was how to reconcile the differences in notions of democracy (popular rule) and the systematic rules.   To do this he says there are two spheres: “Politics” and “Administration.”   Politics choices of government are made by the elected and Administration carries out the choices by the popular consent free of political meddling “politics-administration dichotomy.”   I think that this is practical and workable.   The reason why I say this is because of how thing work today.   Dichotomy holds a very important role in public administration.   It provides good condition in every aspect for an administrator. By this statement in my opinion it ensures the professionalism of the worker by separating his/her political views and his/her responsibility as a public servant.   Other than that, it provides more freedom.   Freedom which can be obtained by the administrator itself or even the public.   For the worker, it allows all of us to have our own choices to believe what we want to believe, and in this case it is our political views.   While we the “public” has our freedom to voice out our opinion or seek help from the government when in need.   For example, a single mom with two kids heads to the Welfare Department to get monthly incentive.   She is eligible to apply because of her situation.
    Dichotomy also can reduce the span of control of a politician.   This is to ensure that politician has limited power and not doing anything he/she desires.   Dichotomy limits a power of a politician thus creating a better, harmonious and fair administration in a government.   It is also a medium to minimize misunderstanding between people and their government.   The public may refer any governmental acts and policies through public administration as it is their job to channel information from the government straight to the citizen.   Any confusion can be referred to the...

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