Bios255 Week 6 Lab Report

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BIOS255 Week 6 Lab: #8 Respiratory Volumes LABORATORY REPORT Activity 8: Respiratory Volumes Name: Instructor: Date: PREDICTIONS 1. During exercise: TV will decrease 2. During exercise: IRV will increase 3. During exercise: ERV will not change 4. During exercise: VC will increase 5. During exercise: TLC will increase MATERIALS AND METHODS 1. Dependent Variable: Respiratory Volumes 2. Independent Variable: Level of physical activity 3. Controlled Variables: Sex, age, and height 4. Which respiratory volume was calculated? Resting and Exercising Volume 5. What was the purpose of the nose clip? The purpose of the nose clip was to guarantee that only through the mouth that the breath will be able to…show more content…
Explain the importance of the change in minute ventilation with exercise. It’s the maximum oxygen in a minute that the body can produce. 10. Restate your predictions that were correct and give data from your experiment that support them. Restate your predictions that were not correct and correct them with supporting data from your experiment. I got most of my predictions of wrong. I found out that TV increased. And most of them increased and decreased when I put the opposite instead. APPLICATION 1. During strenuous exercise, TV plateaus at about 60% of VC but minute ventilation continues to increase. Explain how that would occur. The reason for increased minute ventilation during exercise is because much more oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged than at rest. This single metabolic fact accounts for the profound changes in not only respiration, but also in cardiac and circulatory physiology during exercise. Increased oxygen supply is provided by increases in both arterial oxygen delivery and tissue oxygen extraction; at the same time there is increased carbon dioxide transport on the venous side. The need for increased gas exchange by exercising muscles leads to the following general physiologic

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