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1a. STG: Establish a 5km run under 23 minutes. LTG: Establish a time of under 2 hours in the half marathon. b. Have a checklist and make a full analysis every week. If my goals are not met reinforce new goals so that the standards I have set are met. 2a. Aerobic Training: Aerobic training is applicable to me as it helps my heart to gain strength and as time goes along it is able to pump a greater volume of blood with each beat. This is typically called larger stroke volume. The heart is a muscle and just like any other muscle, the more you exercise it, the bigger and stronger it becomes. Your ticker gets much more efficient at what it does. Your heart chambers are able to bring in larger quantities of blood with each beat, thus increasing the amount of output it has in terms of supplying the rest of the body with oxygen. Target Training: The reason target training is so important to me is that it helps my body adapt to the specific exercise demands that are placed…show more content…
Quality: The importance of quality training in my training programme was crucial as most my training was based around rugby and training for rugby wasnt really the quality training I needed for a half marathon. The quality of my training wasnt really that great as rugby took up most of my time, a quality long run on a wednesday was what I was doing. Quantity: Doing a lot of training will help me for the half marathon as time on my feet is key to completing the half marathon, I dont want not train and not be ready for it as I might “hit the wall” from lack of

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