Act 1 Scene 5 – Romeo and Juliet

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Act 1 Scene 5 – Romeo and Juliet How does Shakespeare make Act 1 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet so exciting? Act 1 Scene 5 is one of the most important parts of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ because this is the scene when Romeo and Juliet first meet and it is love at first sight. Shakespeare has made this an enjoyable scene because he has used lots of emotions to make it more exciting and dramatic. Shakespeare makes the start of Act1 Scene 5 quite exciting because the serving men are preparing for some sort of party; this makes the atmosphere from the stage go into the audience because everyone is ready for what is going to happen next. Shakespeare also makes people know how rich Capulate is by the serving man saying “save me a piece of marchpane” marchpane was very expensive. In the next part of the Act 1 scene 5, Shakespeare introduces Capulate and all the men and women who are coming to the party. Shakespeare also makes the scene a spectacle to watch with all the expensive clothes and lots of movement on stage, for the audience this would be very exciting to see. For many of the actors these expensive costumes would be their prized props, Patrons usually gave costumes to the actors to help further create more excitement to the performance. Shakespeare then adds a further layer to the performance by having music play, which makes the atmosphere even more exciting. Shakespeare presents the audience other aspects to Capulates character, for example, as he welcomes the guests into his party he is jolly and very hospitable, saying things like “welcome gentlemen” and making jokes like “ladies that have their toes unplagued with corns will walk about with you”. This is completely different from the start of the play when Capulate says “a sword a sword” while fighting the Montague’s. Then in scene 2 Shakespeare shows yet another aspect of Capulate when Capulate
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