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1. Introduction Automation consulting service is a technical consulting firm, founded in 1993 by Clifford reed, jack Leland and Angela Goldberg. ACS advised clients on the development of automation strategy and long term facilities planning also provided guidance in the design and implementation of specific automation projects. Form its home base in Boston, ACS had expanded in to three additional locations. Offices had been opened in Philadelphia and Detroit in 1995 and 1996, respectively, and ACS and had acquired a local partnership in San Jose, California in 1988. By 2000 ACS had a professional staff of 83 consultants and revenues of nearly $ 52 million. The ACS partnership had tentative plan to open an office in Europe in the near future. The case ACS describes some typical management issues that the organization faces during the development. These issues includes  The growing need for formalization and explication of the strategy & management control structure.  How to balance and maintaining entrepreneurial spirit, local autonomy & cohesion within the company.  The changing role of top management. The executive committee is facing the challenge to find solutions to those problems that are consistent with the objectives strategy & culture of the enterprise. ACS belief was the company is based on rapid revenue growth by following these three corporate strategies: 1. The clients consisted of larger corporation which had several manufacturing sites. 2. In order to create more value for the company the founder wanted to create meaningful relationship with clients in the early stages of the markets development to ensure client exit barrier. 3. The founders thought that a high revenue growth rate would attract, motivate and retain consultant with the potential of fast paced environment and to develop professionally. 1.1. Key Problems Automation

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