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Acquainted With The Night Analysis

  • Submitted by: jkc1989
  • on March 4, 2012
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The poem “Acquainted with the Night” By Robert Frost seems to have a somber, almost depressed tone. It is no secret that many of Frost’s poems have the same kind of tone to them. Many say that this is due to the unfortunate loss of his son Elliot in 1900 from cholera, his mother in the same year from cancer, daughter Elinor Bettina just one day after birth in 1907, daughter Marjorie after giving birth to her only child in 1934, and his son Carol from suicide on 1940. All of this death in the family contributed to Frost falling into a depressed state where many of his poems immersed from.
This poem is set in a sad and lonely city on a sad and lonely night. In fact, the streets are sad. It is raining in the poem, which leads the reader to believe that it could be taking place in any of the New England cities where Frost spent most of his time, or the setting could be in London which could mean that “One luminary clock in the sky” (line 13) could, in fact, be Big Ben. Many say that the poem is referring to “I have” (lines 1-5, 7, 15) as he has been doing this more than once, like this isn’t the first time he has strolled the city streets by his lonesome late at night before.
Most would say the title “Acquainted with the Night” deals with the darkness and light. The light being the moon or clock as some see it, the reader can take this as no matter how dark it is there is always some form of light like a symbol of hope. The depth of the moon’s light is also a symbol for how nature trumps humans and their materialistic ways. The speaker is in fact acquainted with the night, but that does not mean he enjoys the night; it appears to be a very somber and depressing time for him. When the speaker says, “I have out walked the furthest city light” (line 3), it can be seen as the distance he has walked is a metaphor for his loneliness and depression. The distance was also created by the speaker, so it’s almost as if he is aware of his situation but keeps digging himself...

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