The Sound of Night

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In the Poem “The Sound of Night” the title suggests the setting of the poem and the author, Maxime Kumin describes the undergoing of a night with camper at a forest. She also describes the sounds produced by creatures once night arrives. The poem is divided in three stanzas and carries a lot of figurative language, such as alliterations and onomatopoeias. She avails sensory images to describe the sounds from creatures at night, and to take readers to the scene. In addition to that, the use of unique words make the literary piece even more interesting, and enjoyable for the audience. The first stanza refers to the arrival of the night and the noises made by animals over the course of the night. The speaker is alert of every sound produced by animals, such as birds, frogs, or other elements of the natural world. Furthermore, it explains them in such a language that for instance Kumin take the reader to the moment of fear that she was experiencing with campers. We can infer from this first stanza that even though we, humans use night to rest, and consider night a time of silence, a lot of things are going on from Mother Nature while we rest every day. For the second stanza, which is written in first person, the use of the term “we” reveals the author’s presence in the scene, and can be referring to either campers or humans as a whole. In this stanza she also explains how campers protect themselves from the night by lighting fire. It also reveals the scary moment they are going through. Since they can only sensor the noises produce by animals, because the darkness is preventing them from seeing what is going on around, the use of figurative language makes readers be part of the campers. For instance, the only thing that can save them from such horrible night surrounded by an uncommon habitat is the raise of the sun in the morning. The last and third stanza talks

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