Achilles vs. Hector

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Essay #3 Achilles vs. Hector and Aeneas vs. Tantus Alex Rasky 5/3/12 Samantha Lester ADP The battle between Achilles and Hector draws many similarities to the Aeneas and Turnus battle. Both battles consist of warriors who value honor over life. The families also get involved in both battles, pleading for the warrior to take life over pride. Lastly, both battles feature someone trying to help the defending fighter out before the battle takes place. Similarities can be made between Achilles and Aeneas as well as Hector and Turnus. However, there are distinct differences as well. Achilles is known for his strength and skill. Achilles is recognized throughout Troy as an unstoppable force. “I dread this murderous man-he’ll burst right through our walls” said one Trojan warrior when describing Achilles (Hom. il. 21. 617). The entire city of Troy feared Achilles. They knew that Hector didn’t have a very good chance at defeating Achilles. Andromache tries to talk Hector out of fighting Achilles for her sake and Hector’s. Despite this, Hector goes to fight, and the city watches within the walls of Troy. Even with Hector outside the walls awaiting his own death, Priam begs for him to come back to safety. The Trojans also receive the help of Apollo while trying to retreat back into the gates of Troy. While Achilles chased the Trojans they would’ve faced their death, “if Apollo had not driven Prince Agenor at them, Antenor’s son, a courageous, rugged soldier” ( Apollo disguised himself as Agenor and bought time for the Trojans. This was Apollo’s attempt to save the Hector and the Trojans from the wrath of Achilles. When Hector faces off with Achilles, Athena appears to help the hero at first, but tricks him in due time. Athena disguises herself as Hector’s ally Deiphobus. Hector believes that with Deiphobus’ help the two can defeat Achilles.

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