Access the Role of Effective Communication and Interpersonal Interaction in Health and Social Care with Reference to Theories of Communication.

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Effective communication and interpersonal interaction between individuals is important in all situations in society, such as in health and social care settings such as hospitals, nurseries and care homes. Both theories of communication can be taken across into health and social care settings to help communication and interpersonal interaction between health and social care professionals and service users be as effective and as possible. The first theory I will be talking about is the communication cycle which i discussed in P2. The communication cycle is a type of code that requires you figuring out what the other person is trying to say and what their behaviour means. This theory would allow service users and health care professionals to communicate more easily and effectively. For example, a nurse would be unable to give effective advice and comfort to a patient until she was able to know what the service user was feeling. From what the service user originally said, by analyzing her behaviour and words the nurse is able to choose the most appropriate way to respond which would benefit the service user the most. This would be done by following the stages of the communication cycle. the service user will ‘think of an idea’ or something they would like to say, code the message and send it by a means of communication to the receiving individual, the nurse, who will then decode the message think about what was said and from that respond in a way in which to answer or help the service user, i.e. give ‘feedback’. This is an effective theory, as it aids effective communication and interpersonal interaction. The stages allow an individual to think about what they are going to say to the receiving participant in the conversation by considering the words said along with the body language and behaviour of the individual in order to get the most accurate and precise
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