Aboriginal Sprituality Essay

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Religion is the belief in and worship of an imminent or transcendent controlling power and it contains differing unique characteristics. A religion shows how the universe was created, morals and values to live by and particular ritual actions and ceremonies that are undertaken to worship/ Acknowledge religious icons. Aboriginal spirituality manifests the characteristics of religion in regards to origins of the universe, ethics and rituals/ceremonies. Different Aboriginal groups have varying creation stories about the origins of the universe. Each group believes in different supernatural ancestors that created the natural world. They have emerged from land features which are considered sacred sites. Sacred sites may be land /rock formations, parts of rivers/seas or burial grounds. The Land is regarded as sacred to aboriginals because ‘The Dreaming’ occurs on it. The dreaming consists of creation stories about how the ancestral spirits moved through the land creating rivers, lakes, mountains, animals and plants. It sets the unbreakable link between humans, the land, and ancestral beings. It is not regarded as a myth by the Aboriginals. One Dreaming story is about the Mimi spirits. The Mimi spirits are tall, thin beings that live in a rocky cliff of northern Australia as spirits. Before the coming of Aboriginal people they had human forms. When Aboriginal people first came to northern Australia, the Mimi taught them how to hunt and cook kangaroos and other animals. They also did the first rock paintings and taught Aboriginal people how to paint. Sacred sites and The Dreaming show how Aboriginal spirituality manifests a characteristic of religion. Aboriginal spirituality is based on a variety of ethical beliefs. All aboriginal groups believe in an ancestral spirit who created all aspects of the world. Each aboriginal individual has a particular plant, animal or

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