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In the Maori worldview have many significance fundamental concepts that are explored through whakapapa; mana is one of those concepts that have been chosen. The purpose of this essay is to define the two concepts and explore the relationship between whakapapa and mana. Then illustrate how mana and whakapapa has relevance to the image (Fig1) “Hinetitama”(Kahukiwa, 1983). Then exploring and forcing the strengths of the Maori cultural and Maori mythology and the function that the image has imply by discussing how it fits into mana and whakapapa by giving examples and critical reviewing it in the sense of a Maori world and there cultural. In the Maori world everything has Whakapapa. To define whakapapa, its like stories of creation giving us some senses of beginnings it also associates with layers upon layering (Barlow, 1991). Within the Maori society Whakapapa expressed about the identity were a person is from. It identifies you’re ancestral connections that have been passed down from your generation, it includes knowing who you are and identifying your culture values according to Smith (2011). Whakapapa in the Maori world is linked to genealogies of “rituals and stories” (Smith, 2011, p. 3). Allows people to locate themselves in the world both figuratively to their ancestors, by recalling the events that happened in the passed. It is displayed when Maori induce their genealogy. This is shown in the waka’s as Smith (2011) pointed out. In the Maori world waka are shown that they are extremely important, it identify that waka creates whakapapa. It tells the stories of how Maori people voyage to New Zealand and places around New Zealand, each symbol from the top to the end that is carved identifies the different tribal identity that transported their descendants here (Smith, 2011). Whakapapa embraces people by linking everyone and the world around them,

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