A Trip To Butcher's Sacrifice

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If you want a good scare, want to be so scared you can’t even sleep tonight, or does u just want to pass out. Come out to Butcher's hollow and one of your wishes may come true. . . This year is a continuing segment of the crazy butcher, killing innocent people. When you drive out of Farmington, three miles on hyw OO then turn on kollmeyer Rd, for about 2.5 miles, when u turn right on knob lick rd, go 1/2 of a mile and you will see many cars and some signs pointing you in the right direction. If you dare come see all the gore, death, violence and all the blood you can stand. As I walk towards the creepy woods I come across the midway, it a circus theme, I will come across a popcorn machine were a little girl will pop out and hopefully scare me. Continuing down the path I see many stations: like knife throwing, a little girl walking around lonely, sheets hung up showing the stations that I will be coming up to. Just down the walk into the woods, only with a flash light to find your way. A Gipsy will help you come into her tent as she tells you your fortune and how you'll die later on in the trail. As I stand in the Gypsy tent she says “what? Oh! Are you scared of a little fortune…show more content…
Then the screaming will begin. I will be laying on the grown screaming and begging for the butcher to stop cutting my arm of. As you walk farther in a second victim will start to wake, grab you and beg for mercy, ask for help, and ask not to die. As you walk passed the second victim the butcher will pull down the next to trap everyone it. The butcher here’s this and runs over and kills his second victim and his third one started to wake and kill them. As you walk a little further the first victim cries out run away, and the butcher here’s her and run to her and chokes them to death releasing the netting for you to get

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