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Kelly Burnap Dr. Stieglitz Holocaust and Other Genocides April 19, 2013 Machete Season By Jean Hatzifield To begin with, I had only heard of the Rwanda genocide, but I knew absolutely nothing about it. The book Machete Season by Jean Hatzfield provided me with very rich insight as to what this genocide was all about. I learned about who where the victims of this heinous crime as well as those who were the masterminds or perpetrators behind this dehumanizing act. I also learned what was the primary cause as to what triggered this unthinkable act. I learned about the terrors that were brought upon people and young children by these monsters. I also, saw how religion and the Hutus views of God came into play during these massacres.…show more content…
I cannot believe how brutal the Hutus were toward the Tutsis. Flugence describes his fist killing as such “First I cracked an old mama’s skull with a club. But she was already lying almost dead on the ground, so I did not feel death at the end of my arm. I went home without even thinking about it” (pg. 25 of Machete Season online version on Google Play). He then goes on to talk about he killed others. “Next day I cut down some alive and on their feet. It was the day of the massacre at the church, so, a very special day” (pg. 25 of Machete Season online version on Google Play). It came off as those the terrible mass killings had no bearing on the perpetrators whatsoever. The mass killings almost made the Hutus feel superior to the Tutsis’ and made them feel much more…show more content…
He fell in front of me. I hacked him across the back with my inkota, a sharp blade for slaughtering cattle” (pg. 25- 26 of Machete Season online version on Google Play). Alphonse also felt that saving Tutsi babies was not acceptable or needed. “Saving the babies, that was not practical. They were whacked against walls and trees of they were cut right away” (pg.107 of Machete Season online version on Google Play). Another Killer Adalbert re-accounts his first murder that he truly remembered when he murdered two Tutsi children with a gun. “I out the two children side by side… I stood still I shot twice at their backs… For me it was strange to see the children drop without a sound. It was almost pleasantly easy” (pg. 27-28 of Machete Season online version on Google Play). He also stated ”they felt cheated when a Tutsi died without a word. Which is why they no longer struck at the mortal parts, wishing to savor the blows and relish the screams” (pg. 106 of Machete Season online version on Google Play). Another gruesome killing was one that Ignace speaks of “ The Tutsis’ trickery made us angry, and we went immediately on a raid and surrounded them. Those with grenades started throwing them at the Tutsis…We hacked up bushes and woodwork from deserted houses, blocked the gallery with this firewood and lit the pile. The Tutsis died of

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