A Royal Battle for Civil Rights

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A Royal Battle for Civil Rights Ralph Ellison's "Battle Royal" is a short story about a young black man who "lives with [his] head in the lions mouth" (Ellison 258). After a thorough read and research the story is easily interpretable as a representation of events symbolizing the fight for racial equality. "Battle Royal" relates the experiences and thoughts of the narrator, who maintains anonymity throughout the story, which allows the reader to view beyond the protagonist and visualize the representation of the entire African American society. Ellison uses the events the narrator experiences as symbols of the struggles the African American society faces while progressing to become an accepted member of society. The battle itself is the greatest symbol, which represents the battle of the blacks trying to reach for equality. The battle illustrates the African American effort to surpass oppression and slavery despite the malevolent white society portrayed in the story. Before giving his speech the narrator is beaten severely and suffers physically, yet he bites his tongue and copes with the pain to deliver his speech. This is a rendition of the narrator's beliefs that he can win his way eventually if he obeys everything the white people demand. His ideology is favorably prospected when the narrator speaks of equality in his speech and the room fills with "sounds of displeasure", followed by "hostile phrases" (Ellison 270). The reaction to his use of the word equality reveals that he will not win his way using logic and normal means of communication because he is not considered a normal person; he is considered as a lesser being. Furthermore, "Battle Royal" portrays amusement and a sense of authority within the white society while they keep the black society confused. The narrator believes he is given a respectable chance to give his speech but to his surprise
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