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Roberto Grassi Mr. Sweetman IB English Essay on Morrison’s Song of Solomon Word Count: 1116 7. Symbols and/or motifs are an essential element of many novels, writers often using such devices to deepen meaning, develop characters, integrate and connect events. In what ways, and with what success, has Morrison made use of motifs and/or symbols in her novel Song of Solomon? In the book Song of Solomon written by Toni Morrison that narrates the life of an African-American since his childhood until his adult life. The plot consists of this African-American man, Milkman, pursuing his own identity by discovering the truth about his family’s history. The story takes place in the United States during the time that the African-American people are already free in most places, but still face severe treatments and injustices. They have to be subordinate to the white man at all times and accept the abuse. However, Morrison choses to lead the plot in a way that the racism against the African-Americans is seen badly and she is always criticizing this idea of white being superior to any other color. Therefore, Morrison uses “whiteness” as a symbol in the novel so she can criticize the treatment of African-Americans by the whites and the legacy of slavery. The whiteness symbol is used by Morrison to develop her criticism against segregation and racism throughout the book by representing everything that is bad in the novel. One of the ways that Morrison uses the symbol to develop her critique to the society of the time is by creating the majority of the characters in the novel black, and the few white people present are always representing violence and wrongdoing. For example, the accident that led to the death of Guitar’s father was in a white man’s mill. This scene can serve as a representation of how the white man treats the black man and by describing Guitar’s

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