A Day in 2081 in Harrison Bergeron's Society Essay

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Adabelle Zagal September 19, 2012 A Day in 2081 in Harrison Bergeron’s Society I hear a ball peen hammer hitting some type of glass through my annoying radio transmitter. I also see about eight other people flinch due to the clanking sound. Here is another regular boring day. Normality. Just like society. But according to the law, we’re all equal now. The government actually made an effort to make us all equal. They succeeded in doing just that, but there was no single person who was prepared to adapt to the changes that have occurred in recent society. Now everyone who is handicapped heard a knife hitting a cupboard. I see my friend Gabriel with his ridiculous physical handicap. If this equality act weren’t passed, then maybe his athletic skills wouldn’t be hidden. Anyone that can see knows he’s probably a doozy athlete since he has a well-built physique. I can only imagine how heavy those harnesses are. Another horrendous sound passes through as my Physics teacher finally enters the classroom. He’s taller than the giant in Jack and the Beanstalk. He has all these harnesses around his body that no one can tell whether or not he’s wearing a shirt, literally. Just like every other teacher, he picks out a name from his black hat to pick out a student to answer the first question of the day. All teachers do that now. So it can seem that everyone has an equal chance to answer a question. Equality is everywhere nowadays. It’s at school, church, the grocery store, etc. No one is far more superior to someone else. No one can show his or her true hidden potential or special talent. There is no more distinct individuality in society. It’s like living in a colorless world now. Society has officially ridden all the colors in the

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