Control In A Brave New World

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When I first started reading A Brave New World, I was thinking of how terrible this society is. They produce children that are pre specified to do certain work. There are no families. And nobody seems to have any control over their lives. But the thing that was most interesting is that most of the people in this society were incredibly happy, fit and some even smart. The way the government is able to ensure this is also different. They do not control the people via violence or oppression but rather by giving everybody in the society a very linear kind of life. They never have to make any choices that are going to majorly affect their lives. The biggest decision they will ever make is where to go on vacation. But probably the biggest symbol of control is soma. Soma is a pill that when taken, sends your mind on a kind of vacation where everything is happy and time seems to elongate time. It is kind of like cocaine or marijuana that we know of today.…show more content…
And the world controllers’ reaction was very surprising. He did not elect to punish them, to tell them that they had done a terrible thing. He instead explains to them that the world they had been living in was the world controllers attempt to create a world where there are no worries and everyone is happy. He also tells them that happiness is not possible without control. And that control is not possible without unhappiness. And that is why they were not allowed control in their lives. At the time Aldous Huxley would have started writing this book, the world would have still been recovering from World War One. I can only imagine that a large portion of society at the time would have wished for a world where everybody is happy and care free. So Aldous Huxley creates a place where society is always happy and care free. And instead of being something great, it is instead something

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