9/11 Memorial Analysis

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Article After 3,652 days, it was as if everything had changed and nothing had changed. Americans observed the 10th anniversary of 9/11 at hundreds of memorials around the nation, including major new ones in New York and Pennsylvania that transformed the sites of terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3,000 into places of healing and remembrance. Yet the memories that flooded back were as sad and angry as ever. Again, the specter of terrorism was abroad. Again, relatives held photos of missing loved ones with whom they'd hoped to reconnect. Again, children spoke to parents they never knew, and parents mourned children they had to bury — if they had anything to bury. Standing at the spot where hijacked airliners destroyed the nation's two…show more content…
Police searched commercial vans and trucks at bridges and tunnels in New York, and streets near the Trade Center were blocked. To walk within blocks of the site, people had to go through checkpoints. At the ceremony, President Obama and former president George W. Bush stood behind bulletproof glass. In New York, the memorial's theme is absence and remembrance. The design, which took a full decade to select and build, features two huge pools in the shape of the Trade Center towers, lined by waterfalls and descending into the site. Victims' names are etched in bronze around the edge of the pools. The Flight 93 Memorial, still incomplete, features a memorial wall along the edge of the crash site engraved with the names of the flight's 40 crewmembers and passengers. A gate allows family members to visit the "sacred ground" of the crash site. The memorials' opening brought a symbolic end to a decade-long debate over how to physically commemorate 9/11, and brought obvious comfort to many of the bereaved. In New York, sisters Maureen Wheeler and Michelle Fallon filled bottles with water from the memorial pools when they found the name of their brother, David Ruddle — a carpenter who died in the south

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