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5 Week Case Study

  • Submitted by: paigeev3
  • on June 15, 2012
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This was a case study on the effects of massage over a 5 week time period.

        5 Week Case Study

                                                Paige Evans


MCL 135

                My client’s name is Autumn Goodwin; she is 30 years of age, and my co-worker.   She has a total of 3 different occupations including: sales associate, consultant, & an architect. Having three jobs means having three potential outlets for stress. Concerning her place among the special populations, Autumn falls under Caucasian working class female. She does not have any pathology other than chronic stress to date. However, she was a in a car accident in 2006 also putting her in the injured category.   The car took its impact front on smashing the front end, inducing stress upon her upper back, neck, and head areas especially. This is where most of my work will reside for future sessions to come. Throughout this essay in more specific detail I will explain where she experiences pain, how we tackled her issues, who I talked to, and why I even chose Autumn.   As for the accident, another long lasting effect Autumn was left with a continually popping shoulder girdle. She is now subject to soreness in this area.

At first glance I noticed her poor posture. Her chest was concaved, shoulders were concentric; Not to mention her scapulae are medially rotated. She seemed to have early stages of facial build up on the upper back area. She complained about pain in the mentioned areas as well. Of course with her being my co- worker at Puma I know the habits she would have there. (i.e. Standing, running up and down stairs.) Yet the circumstances were quite the contrary while on her other two jobs, which are desk positions. Part of the problem comes from her typewriters position and...

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