On Being A Cripple By Nancy Mair

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“On Being a Cripple” timed write In the essay “On Being a Cripple,” Nancy Mairs describes her life with a terrible medical condition called MS or Multiple Sclerosis. Although she suffers from the disease she has learned to cope with it over the years. She takes the disease as a second chance to live, where others might just become depressed. The author uses humor, rhetoric and style to convey her attitude toward her condition. Mair is not like most people who are living with MS; rather she uses humor to describe her condition. Other people may just sit around because they have Multiple Sclerosis, but Mair does not let the disease stop her. For example she says, “I am a superb, if messy cook” in paragraph 11 as she describes her daily routine to lighten the mood of the essay. She continues with the lighthearted tone as she says “I am also an enthusiastic laundress, capable of sorting a hamper full of clothes into five subtly differentiated piles.” She uses this humor to prove to the reader that she is successfully living with the disease. She MS is a disease that will eventually take her, yet she still tries to live each day with no regrets as many people should do.…show more content…
For example, she uses a “logos” or logical example when she says “may or may not be physiologically related to MS but are certainly its logical concomitant.” In this example she is logically explaining her condition of MS. She also uses many examples of “ethos” as she uses emotional figurative language

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