3 Day Nutrition Assessment

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1 Wow. After doing this 3-day nutrition assessment that is all I have to say. I actually thought I was a nutritious person, but I can see now that I really am not. In “My Plate” I fell really short in the vegetables, fruits, and dairy daily intake. I took in only 23% of the recommended vegetables, which actually really surprises me because, recently, I have been switching out my snack of choice for carrots, so I thought that would have been beneficial to me for this assignment; it doesn’t look like that was the case. It is recommended that I take in two and a half cups of vegetables a day, but I only took in 0.6 cups. I took in 18% of the recommended fruits, which doesn’t really surprise me. I only like a few fruits and it just depends on my mood as to whether I feel like eating fruit at that time. It is recommended to take in a cup and a half of fruit a day and I only took in 0.3 cups. I took in only 9% of the recommended dairy, which doesn’t surprise me again because I don’t like milk and cheese isn’t my favorite either. I should have taken in about 3 cups per day of diary and only actual took in 0.3 cups. However, I took in over 60% of my…show more content…
I really like nutella and banana crepes, so on Sunday (day 1) I used those crepes as my discretionary calories. However, I tried to be healthy, so I didn’t have nutella on them and they were still just as good as they would’ve have been with it on there. If I started to eat more of each of these each day I think that would definitely help me reach my recommendation goal. Also, I am a very picky eater so I need to start trying different foods to broadening my horizons. A way I could try and reach some of my goals is by trying out different types of seafood. I’m not a fan of seafood, but I think I could make the sacrifice to eat it every once in a while because of all the nutrients it

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