How to Make Ice Porridge

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Don't you think it is too monotonous that ice cream is the only food that we can enjoy for cooling in summer? It is a good idea to try something else instead. Ice porridge, a kind of healthy food, should be the best choice for those who have been tired of ice cream. Ice porridge is natural, healthy, delicious, and quite easy to prepare. There are only a few steps, and each one of them costs not much time. Overall, it would take you about 40 minutes to finish all of them. However, if you do not have enough patience and are on a hurry, it might be not a good choice to make ice porridge. As we all know, ice cream contains so much fat and high calories. And those who are in diet could not enjoy it because of the negative effects on our bodies. On the contrary, ice porridge is much healthier since all of the stuffs we use are natural, such as fruits and sagos. It is the food that can be eat by any group of people, and it brings people no negative effect. Before we start to make the ice porridge, we first seek to make sure we get all the stuffs we need on hand. Prepare the following things: a blender, a fruit knife, a pot that can be used for boiling, some sagos, some sugar, some ice cubes and some fruits that you like. The amount of sagos and fruits depends on how much you want to eat, and the amount of sugar depends on how sweet you want. Half pound of sagos, half pound fruits, and about 20 gram sugar is enough for one person. Here, for example, I would use apples. To begin with, add some water into the pot, and boil the water. While the water is boiling, we could chop the apples into small piece just as big as a dice, and wash the sagos. After the water is boiled, pour the sagos, the apples we just chopped, and the sugar into the pot. Next, continuing to boil until the things in the pot become thick and then turn off the fire. This step is very important
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