2012 Presidential Election Pros And Cons

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2012 Presidential Election The 2012 Presidential Election was deemed a near defeat for Democratic President Barack Hussein Obama and a very close victory for Republican opponent, and former governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney. It was also one of the more critical elections in United States history considering that the country was still under heavy stress in dealing with the economy, mainly with the unemployment rate at an average high of 8.3% (US Department of Labor Statistics.) but also following the United States federal deficit at $1.01 trillion dollars. We were also concerned with an estimated amount of 1,388,028 soldiers that were deployed overseas at the time (VetFriends.) Social Security was another big issue at the time with a rising number of $110,000 (ssa.gov. )The election took place on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 and resulted with an electoral victory for now second-term President, Barack Obama. At the start of the 2012 Presidential Campaign, there were four republican candidates. Newt Gingrich, who was the former Speaker of the House for the Republican Party, Mitt Romney, former Governor Tim Pawlenty, along with former Libertarian Ron Paul. Democratic nominees included President Barack Obama. Each Candiate had to…show more content…
Both candidates shared very different views on many different subjects and topics. For example, the topic of Abortion. Candidate Mitt Romney had a very conservative view on Abortion. Romney considered himself, pro-life, which means that he opposed abortion unless it was in the stance of rape, or incest, in which a life was in danger. President Obama's view on Abortion was mainly considered pro-choice, which meant that if a woman wanted an abortion, she should be allowed at any time regardless of lack of funding, or pregnancy. Many women have actually preferred to have the choice of having an abortion if they needed

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