1967 Detroit Race Riot

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1967 Detroit Race Riot In 1967 I was only 12 years old, but I can still remember the incident very well. In this rough draft I will be telling you a little about how it all started and how it affected the neighborhood and some of the people in the neighborhood especially the elderly and children. In my actual paper I will be telling you everything and showing a few pictures of the aftermath. On Sunday early morning hours July 23rd seven days after my birthday a bad incident happen in Detroit, because of a raid of one of the black night club or what is called the blind pigs which was a after hour club. A club where African American goes to party after the regular bar has closed. By 1967 the black population of Detroit stood at an estimated 40% of the total population. After the 1967 race riot Detroit became predominantly all black. I can remember coming from the Detroit Zoo the evening of the riot, and while we was trying to get home we noticed that people was running around wild and carrying articles in their arms and fire starting all over streets, with my mother asking what is going on and everyone that was in the car saying I don’t know. I guess because it started so early in the morning no one in the other neighborhoods knew what was going on, I am saying that because I know if my mother knew that this riot was going on she would have never left the house. By the time we got home it was all over the news that a race riot had broken out on the Northwest side of Detroit and police has advised everyone to stay in the house but of course not too many people did. I could also remember sitting on the front porch when the military came through the neighborhoods rolling sown the street in tank telling everyone to go inside their house. We also had a curfew of 6:00 pm that meant that everyone that did not have a pass to be out would be arrested if not off
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